Swedish Speaking 101

     Somewhat jet-lagged and being a little babyish, I was kind of bummed out at the start of today. I was feeling left out in the office because the guys all speak swedish unless they are directly talking to me. It’s the first time I felt like an outsider in Sweden. At least when I’m on the subway no one talks to each other, so it doesn’t make me feel singled out. This morning for some reason, it was really weighing on me. Then something miraculous happened. It inspired me to start working at Rosetta Stone (which I bought myself almost 4 months ago). I hadn’t started because #1 sometimes I am a horrible procrastinator and #2 I was nervous that I would suck at it. But today after feeling a little lonely and knowing that the nosy person in me NEEDS to know what’s going on at all times, I was excited to start learning swedish. It’s amazing how that change of mindset made over my entire afternoon.

     The most ironic and funny thing is that for some reason later in the day someone came by the office and Carl introduced me saying, “This is Lydia. She speaks english.” Oh Carl. At the end of the day when everyone was staying a little later in the office, I decided to start Rosetta Stone. That lead in to a discussion with the guys left in the office as they attempted to teach me new words. I can now say: cook, exactly, beer, wine, and absolutely. Another new word I learned was from Notch. The word brony - which means a guy who watches the new My Little Pony series (pronounced like bro-knee, it’s not a swedish word, but hilarious nonetheless). Basically at one point they were all saying a word to me and I was trying to repeat it and was completely butchering it. But it was fun. Now I’m excited. Yay swedish! 

Today I stole Leonard’s desk. It was nice sitting in a seat. I really need to remember to bring my mouse tomorrow, I’m getting sick of my trackpad. Although I did miss the table because it was conveniently located next to the box of Godiva chocolates. 


The game room. I LOVE the lights hanging from the ceiling. 


This is right on the street outside the office. Stockholm is gorgeous! Today on the way to lunch we passed all these awesome looking shops. One of them was named ‘Grandpa’ and had like old fashioned urban looking type things. I think on Thursday Mattis and I are going to walk over during lunch. 


I risked life and limbs to get this shot of the subway tracks. Have I mentioned lately that I love my iPhone and the Camera+ app? (to clarify, I was not on the tracks and wasn’t in any actual danger)


I was excited to walk around and shoot a little tour of the office. I still feel like I am in a dreamworld when I walk around it. *Please DO NOT pinch me, I like this dream* If you think this office is sweet looking… oh man. I saw the plans for the bigger office aka the office where I will actually have a desk and it is going to be amazing! 

Today ended up being the perfect kick in the pants that I needed to start working on my swedish. Lesson 1 of Rosetta Stone is finished! I can now say the women/man/boy/girl eats/swims/runs/cooks/drinks. Booyah. 

Note: I know some of the guys I work with read my blog. What I wrote about feeling left out was most definitely not to make anyone feel guilty. I debated writing about it. But at the end of the day, I want this to be a real chronicle of my experience, so I can look back at it and see how much I’ve grown. I love everything about working at Mojang, including the fact that it is in Sweden. Not every day is going to be perfect, which works out because it will make for MUCH more interesting stories. 

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