This weekend was all about exploring. Vu and I walked all around soaking in the beautiful summer weather and enjoying finding tons of wonderful places.

My calves are burning since we walked almost five hours between today and yesterday. I’m really excited because tomorrow we are going to get Stockholm city bike cards which will allow us to borrow bikes all over. Then I’ll start riding bikes all around! I originally wasn’t sold on the idea of bike riding because… Well… I’m pretty terrible at it. But after seeing the great bike lanes I changed my mind. The coolest thing is that the bike pass is only $40ish for the entire season (April - October). Holy awesome!

This was a wonderfully relaxing weekend full of walking, exploring, napping, and enjoying the perfect weather. Stockholm gets major bonus points in my book!

Question of the Day: Do you live somewhere that people walk a lot? (I do now, but when I was in FL pretty much no one walked much to get around because it’s extremely hot)

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